5 Dry Garden Landscaping Ideas

dry garden landscaping ideas

Dry Garden Landscaping Ideas

The dry garden is a garden that does not need much water. The dry garden is generally chosen because of limited supply of sunlight. A dry garden is flexible and can be placed in various spaces in the House according to taste.

In addition to beautifying the room in terms of aesthetics, dry garden landscaping ideas can also be cooling the room. Dry garden can be applied near the family room or dining room to boost your mood.

The composition of dry garden is usually in the form of rocks, coral, gravel, sand and some potted plants. Because the dry Garden contains plants with little water needs, the level of treatment is relatively easy and not time-consuming.

Here’re five tips on dry garden landscaping ideas inside the House:

Choose plants that don’t require a lot of light and water

Plants that typically exists in the dry garden is a plant that doesn’t need much sun and doesn’t need a lot of water. You can select plants such as bromeliads and cactus.

Add Shades Of Water

If you want to create a more beautiful atmosphere, add the element of water in the form of a pond, fountain or waterfall. Splash water’s sound can create a cool atmosphere and provide a soothing effect. However, you have to keep the treatment, so your dry garden still provides comfort for the housemate.

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As a place of relaxation and meditation

If you want to feel the relaxation in a dry garden, make sure the part of your dry garden is relaxing enough. You can choose synthetic grass, rocks or gravel, and an excellent sand complement. Or you can put the dry garden adjacent to the gazebo in the House. Just put a mattress and you can meditate. In addition to embellishing and soothing room, dry garden can also be used as a place of meditation or contemplation.

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Unique artwork in the dry garden

To create a dry garden landscaping more vibrant, you can put the artwork, sculpture, or other artistic objects that can you put to decorate the dry garden. However, be sure also to keep your dry garden clean.


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A dry garden with less light will make the house looks gloomy and bleak. If your home just got a little sunlight, you can try to present skylights. Natural light can help the room to not being damp, so that inhibits the growth of Lichen on the rocks that are in the dry garden. For the evening, You can take advantage of garden lights or spotlights to create an increasingly pretty look at your dry garden.


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