5 Open Kitchen Design Tips DIY

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An open kitchen is one form of the actualization-of-lifestyle nowaday. Cooking activity is no longer done in a closed space, but it can be done in line with other activities such as watching tv or chat with family.


A kitchen design trends tend to shift its placement that is located between the communal spaces, even styled without restrictions with other rooms such as the dining room, sitting room or terrace.


Of course with the change of concept and paradigm of the open kitchen, there is something that should take into consideration, such as level of hygiene, aesthetics, and comfort because cooking activities have different characters than the other activities. The following are tips to organize an open kitchen.




Make a space flow scheme in accordance with three phases such as cooking cleaning, preparing, and cooking. Adjust the distance between the area for easy mobility during the activity in the kitchen. Thus, the job of cooking becomes more efficient. If the area available is quite extensive, you could add a table to become storage dining table at once.


Dividing Space


There are several ways that you can do to give a delimiter between the kitchen area and other spaces. For example, ‘coloring’ kitchen with a different color from the other room. Application of color can be shown through finishing walls and floors, or color on the Cabinet.


The other alternative is to create a partition in the form of glass walls. The presence of a glass wall can reduce noise pollution or the smell of cooking activity, so the convenience in other spaces remain awake but you still can see the activity in the other room.


The Right Material


Cooking activity sometimes raises the stains and stubborn dirt. Therefore, select materials, floor and wall coverings wall backsplash that is easy to clean. For example the use of ceramics as a floor covering or solid surface on the surface of the top table.


We recommend that you avoid the use of wood or laminate materials that burn easily, especially in the area around the stove. Cleanliness in the kitchen area there is not only affecting the convenience but also in other spaces around it.




Make sure that the kitchen area has sufficient lighting. If not, make openings for natural lighting, place a few dots of white color with light bulbs on the ceiling. You can also put a light on a hanging ceiling to create the effect.


Place Of Storage


Make the top of the Cabinet, the Cabinet bottom, work desk and shelves kitchen furniture built in the shape or dimensions which adjusted to the available space (space saving). Left item based on the types of activities. For example, cooking equipment (saucepan, frying, etc.) is placed close to the cooking area and the stove. As for the logistics of ingredients (marinades, oils, and vegetable) is placed adjacent to the kitchen sink and refrigerator.


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