5 Spaces Ideas To Store Your Shoes

Shoes, sandals, or whatever your footwear need their special space in your house. Sometimes we buy them often and suddenly it looks like we need to move them in a new space, because a lot of footwear need a lot of space too.


But because of insufficient place, you start to look for another space too make your house keep organized. But what if there’s no much space available to put them on?


There’s a good news here, because you can use some spots in your house to keep your shoes organized. There’re various space in your house to save your shoes and you can design it in open or hidden storage, just to match your needs and comforts. So, are you ready to move your shoes on?


  1. Under the seat

Take a look under your bench, and it can be an ideal area to store your shoes. Especially if you place the brench near the foyer or close to the door so the shoes can be easily used.


You can also use the inside part of ottoman, because there’re some that designed for internal use too. If your ottoman is so, then you can put your shoes inside.


  1. Under your bedroom

Under bedroom space can also be used as a good place to place your shoes. But don’t worry, we’re not talking about leaving your shoes in the nollow with messy, untidy condition.


Put your shoes in a space or rack and give it hooks so you can push and pull it out more easily.


  1. Ladder rack design

So let’s redesign yor shoes rack to make it works even better with more space. Make your shoes rack bigger with ladder-like design. It’s not only visually attractive in design, but also make your shoes look well-organized and it still has much space because of its parallel formation shape.


  1. Storage design inside the ladder

If you take a look at your ladder, you can find that there’s space between floors that can be used as storage place rather than just for a walk. It can be the under part or the side part of the ladder.


Saving your shoes in a hidden storage can make you house look better-organized, thus it doesn’t need a lot of space to put some racks or wardrobe.


  1. Vertical part in your house

This sounds interesting because you’ll need more of your creativity and sense of art to make it fun and look awesome, yet still works well. If you can’t find any storage at all and you can’t design your ladders, there’s still another trick to try by hanging your shoes. Perhaps it’s not something familiar to choose, but if you only have one or two pairs of shoes left, then you can try it.


Placing your shoes sometimes can be tricky for some people because you have to make sure that you have the space needed. Just choose one or more that suitable with your lifestyle and house condition, and you can solve your shoes storage in one go.

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