5 Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms

Not only sleep, teenage girl often use the bedroom to play. No doubt, her stuff is often also strewn on the floor.

If the bedroom is small, you certainly would angry having to told your teenage girl to spruce up and returned her stuff. In fact, you maybe join her to help her spruce up the bedroom. Here are some teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms.

First, make sure all the stuff is reachable. Fill your teenage girl bedroom with storage space in the form of shelves or drawers.


teenage girl bedroom themesBe sure the child would be hard-pressed to take back the goods or store or the toy on the shelves or cabinets that are unattainable by his hand. Therefore, choose an appropriate storage place with her size.


For example, pick a closet or shelf that is open to the storage area, try the maximum height but not higher than the height of your teenage girl. Thus, she could still reach the top section storage shelf or storage cabinet.

It could also be a storage area that merges with her bed. Add a chest of drawers-drawer storage space under the bed, or choose the bed that indeed been fitted drawers-drawer at the bottom.

Second, choose the open storage place. Provide the open storage places. Baskets, containers, or create something so that the small stuff easy to store.


For example, you could put some colorful basket with the same shape and design in open storage shelves. Or, when the corner of the room is little empty, open containers or crates can be put there. There is no harm in adding a standing lamp to beautify the corner of the room, as well as giving extra lighting so that your teenage girl easy when poking around crates to find the goods or her stuff.


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