Bathroom Remodel Ideas On A Budget

bathroom remodel ideas

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Bathroom is a personal space that sometimes forgotten for touch ups, but when you do it you can create a new scene to spice up your feeling a little bit, because we know that the bathroom is one of spots we “visit” in the beginning and the end of the day.


An average, ordinary bathroom feels so ordinary, and one of the ways to change your bathroom appearance is by changing it with renovation. Here some bathroom remodel ideas on a budget.


For some people, bathroom remodel ideas is lavish and take much efforts, time, and cost money, but don’t worry, you don’t have to renovate it if you wish to change your bathroom appearance. There’s some fun and easy bathroom remodel ideas on a budget without renovate it.

bathroom remodel ideas on a budgetYou just have to refresh its display so it won’t longer look out of date. Voila! It’s time to refresh and renew your bathroom. Add one or some touch ups, and your bathroom gets a make over. Here are 4 easy tips to renew your bathroom appearance without any renovation:


  1. Paint the bathroom wall tile

Changing your bathroom tile on the floor takes more effort, so it’s much more simple to change the paint of your bathroom wall. With new wall color, your bathroom will look different. If you want patterned wall, you can simply use wallpaper. Or if you’re creative enough, you can use paint that can be applied on the tile surface. For more practically, just paste some stickers on the tile of your bathroom wall.


  1. Add some artworks

For renewed yet artistic bathroom remodel ideas, add some artworks. Painting your bathroom wall too hassle for you? Just simply decorate your wall with interesting artworks. The artwork can add uniqueness to your bathroom, and of course makes it more artistic.

pictures of remodeled bathroom


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  1. Change the bathroom stuffs

Colors, motives and patterns always work well to change any interiors. Bathroom is a no exception of it. So one of the instant way to renew your bathroom is by giving attention to old stuffs in your bathroom, and have a play and experiment with new colors, patterns, and motives.


You can change the old shower curtain with a new, fresh one with trendy fabric motives. Don’t forget to re-paint your bathroom door too, you can use your favourite color or any colors you desire. Your faucet sink is too old? Change it with the new yet modern one!


  1. Add functional stuffs

If you think that your towel rack is out of date, it’s time to use a towel rack that can be hung in your bathroom wall. It also works on storage. Glass rack can be a good choice for your bathroom.


You can apply one of bathroom remodel ideas pointed above to start a make over on your bathroom. Just focus on one or some favourite parts in your bathroom, then give it a touch. For you who love pracical thing, it’s a simple way add some accents that change the entire look of the bathroom.


Of course, you can apply all of them and you’re ready to take your bathroom into the new level. Just have a touch with your sense of art and creativity, don’t be afraid to explore more. Have fun!


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