Bedroom Storage Ideas DIY, The Clever Way

Have a special room or walk-in closet as well as the cosmetic store to keep various kinds of collections of clothes, bags, shoes, makeup or accessories is a need for many of us. However, insufficient land area became a major obstacle to realizing it.

It takes creativity or help from experts to get around the limitations of the land by processing every corner of space to function optimally. For example, by making a closet built in or designing furniture in particular (customized furniture) so it can double as storage (storage).

One example looks in the master bedroom below. With a small area, you are required to create a cozy bedroom design as well as being able to store a collection of handbags and shoes. You have to cultivate the field wall opposite television panel bedding area which equipped with storage cabinet.

bedroom storage ideas diy

As for the box-shaped glass, cabinets are arranged in ‘ L-shaped ‘ on one side of the panel that used as a place to store bag collection. By using the glass material, will make it looks like the display area in the boutiques.

Then, the end of the panel functions as a dressing table. Cultivate most field walls become storage cabinet is becoming the most effective way to address the issue of collection of goods piling up due to the limitations of the land. So the House still looks sleek and airy.


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