5 Beginner Gardening Tips For Dry Garden

gardening tips for beginner

A lot of us love seeing everything beautiful and everything relaxing, and while we take a look at it we feel calm and comfortable. That’s one of things that inspires us to set a beautiful garden around our home, or even inside the home itself.


The garden makes our house look more beautiful, homy, and it gives a cool atmosphere and relaxing feeling. No one can’t disagree about it.


But is there any catch, like we must have enough space and sunlight intensity? For some people, it could be a problem for creating a garden inside the house with such things. Of course, we’re here to look for any solutions right?


Then Dry Garden can be the solution. Just like its name, dry garden doesn’t need much water to make it lively beautiful. It’s one of solutions you can pick if you have problem with natural sunlight intensity. Dry garden is also very flexible so that you can set it anywhere you want in your house spot.


Besides its aesthetical value, dry garden can also make your house feels cozy with cool sphere. You can create it close to your family room or your living room to add a special touch in your activity.


The components of dry garden are simply easy, such as stones, corals, pebbles, sand, and some vases of plant. Because it just needs a little water, dry garden won’t waste your time to take care of it. So here they are some tips for you to create dy garden in your house:


Choose plant that doesn’t need much light and water

The common plants you’ll use in dry garden doesn’t need much water or full time sunlight. You can pick bromelias, pandanus bali, cactus, or sansivieria.


Add some water scene

If you want it to be even more beautiful, just add some water elements like pool, fountains, or waterfalls. The sound of gurgling water creates a mild atmosphere and a calming effect. But don’t forget to give attention for its care to make make the comfort lasts.


As a place for meditation and relaxation

If you want to feel the calming effect of relaxation in your dry garden, make sure your place to relax is comfortable enough.


You can choose synthetical grass, stones or pebbles, or even sand that comfortable for you when you sit on it. Or you can also place the dry garden near the gazebo in the house. Just place mattress, and you can meditate or just relax your self. So we know, besides the aesthetical function and its cooling effect, dry garden works for your meditation and contemplation too.


Unique artworks in dry garden

To make your dry garden more alive, you can put some artworks. Statues, decorations, or any touch of arts will be greata creation to decorate your dry garden. But make sure to give concern with its condition and neatness.


You don’t want to see dust and spider web in the artworks.



A minimum lighting will make your house looks dark and gloomy. If your house has a minimum aperture, you can solve it with skylight.


Natural light can avoid dampness in your room, so it can inhibit the moss growth on the dry garden stones. For night, you can use garden lights or floodlights to make it more beautiful.



So that’s five easy tips for you to make a beautiful dry garden in your house. Find your perfect spot or just like advised above, and enjoy your new stage of view in your house.


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