5 Tips On Choosing Best Cotton Sheets in 2016

best cotton sheets 2016

What are the best cotton sheets in 2016? well, let’s talk about sleep first. Sleeping is not only about quantity, but also quality. You may have known that a good quantity of sleeping is about 6-8 hours in a day, but without the quality you can’t take the advantage of sleeping optimally to your body.


So beside its enough quantity, you also have to sleep well and sound. Make your bedroom design as comfy as possible to achieve this kind of sleeping, so you can recharge your energy for your next activities in the next day.


One of stuffs that can be your priority for a good sleeping is a good best cotton sheets. Make sure you choose your bed sheets well to ensure a perfect rest. Here are 5 tips on choosing best cotton sheets in 2016 for you:


  1. Match the bed size

Your bed can be spring bed, mattress, or foam bed. When you’re choosing your bed sheet, make sure it matches your bed size, its length and width. In general, there’re some types: Single (100 x 200 cm), Super Single / Twin (120 x 200 cm),  Queen (160 x 200 cm), King (180 x 200 cm) and Extra King (200 x 200 cm). You don’t want to buy a bed sheet that smaller then your own bed. Incompatibility size between your bed and the bed sheet can make your sleeping less comfortable.


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  1. Select a comfy material

A quality sleep is supported by a good yet comfy material. Not only its pretty motives or colors and affordable price, but also a good texture of fabric. Choose best cotton sheets; ones with smooth texture with cool feeling and easy to wash. You can find it in the market, like polyester, silk, cotton, rayon, etc. Cotton is one of the best quality you can choose because it absorbs sweat easily and durable. To make sure of it, just touch it, don’t choose the ones with coarse and stiff feeling.


  1. Looking for references

Not every affordable thing is with poor and cheap quality, thus not every expensive things come with good and luxurious quality. So it’s better to take a look for some references or reviews from bed sheet brands you want to buy. For this one, you can ask your family or go googling for some reviews of good brands with comments of the customers.


  1. Avoid wear off color

Don’t get deceived by beautiful colors and low price. A poor quality bed sheet can deceive you in a blink, and when you wash it or even just touch it, its color fades easily. It’s a bit tricky to recognize it, but if the color just easily wear off when you touch it, don’t put it in your shopping cart. It’s better to ask the seller by yourself about its quality and the guarantee of excellent and not wear off product.


  1. Colors and motives

If you have decided the material, size, and brand of the bed sheets you want to buy, it’s time to decide the colors and motives you want. Match the color and motives with the design interior concept of your bedroom. You can also match it wit your personality. Avoid hard motives and flashy colors if you’re not into flashy things. Remember, your quality sleep is about comfiness, not a display.


So that’s some tips for your best cotton sheets in 2016, and for this simple thing you can be a sleeping-beauty.


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