Cost-Saving Loft Extension and Conversion Designs

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In today’s crazier and more creative idea progress in architecture with its exterior and interior designs, talking about loft extension is no longer like sad days of Cinderella or Harry Potter; having days begun and finished in a poor, dark loft everyday.


Loft is now a new alternative of spaces, you can get it well prepared for your daily activities with some interior designs that match your taste.


A loft is often used as a choice when we need more space. Furthermore, a loft can be extended too for gaining even more space. Loft extension can be a brilliant solution that can be done more easily rather than moving.


So here we go to talk about loft extension designs and its cost, so you will be easier to plan the budget, and everything else you’ll need to prepare.


loft conversion designs


First of all, we’ll need to know how far a loft can be:

  1. Living room

A loft can be designed as a cozy yet extraordinary living room to have a quality time with your family. Its separated location can add a warm and friendly dimension for your family time.


  1. Kitchen

If you’re into the idea above, it’s fun to have the kitchen together with! You won’t have to go up and down the stairs to prepare your food or bring some snack for your family, because the kitchen is already there.


  1. Meditation room

Meditation and relaxation time need a special space that support you to feel calm and relax. A loft can be a good alternative here. Its space and location can help to distance you from any noises.


  1. Bedroom

Take your fantasy to the next level with loft bedroom! If you are into this kind of sensation, bedroom inside the loft will feel awesome because it’s so close with the sky. Can you imagine a beautiful view when you take a look outside, like sky full of stars? Make sure the loft is not too narrow so you won’t feel like out of breath.


unique loft conversion


  1. Bathroom

Does it sound new for you? Yes it’s totally a touch of extraordinary space, and why not? Don’t forget to prepare the water pipe and change the loft floor to match the condition. Make sure the bath tub is not too heavy for you loft, and you’re ready to take a bath in the high, close to the sky.


  1. Office room

Loft as an office room for working sounds so “Wow, interesting!” and yes it is. With a big window near your table, you can enjoy the sky view while working, or just simply look around far, far away from the highest when you’re feel boring, and you’re instantly refresh.


Another best point is, you don’t have to work hard in renovation to make your loft become an office room. Just make it empty and take every stuff you’ll need for working to the loft and voila, it’s ready.


loft conversion design ideas


You can now choose what your loft will be with some clues above, and it’s time to set the preparation. To renew your loft function by conversing or extend it, you’ll need to point these out to be ready:


  • Ceiling height
  • Access and services
  • Lighting solutions
  • Planning permission (of course it’s necessary)
  • Building regulations related to floor strength and fire escapes (it’s important)


Now the next thing is get a review of the loft extension: is your loft suitable for any conversion or extension? Because as we know, not every loft is ready for any conversion and extension. Let’s check the list below to make sure that your loft is ready for touch ups:


loft extension plans


  • Loft conversion assessment

The height of the loft takes the first point to pay attention, also the pitch and the type of structure. Some inspections of the roof will be necessary to reveal its structure and physical dimensions. You’ll also need to know the type of your loft.


  • Head height

It’s necessary to take a measurement from the bottom of the ridge timber to the top of the ceiling joist; the part of the roof that you will use should be greater than 2.2 m.


  • Pitch angle

The higher the pitch angle, the higher the central head height is likely to be. If you redesign the roof or use the dormers, then the floor area can be increased.


But after all, how can we make an impressive loft design with saving cost? Here are some tips for you:


  1. Keep it simple

Using your existing roof space is still the most cost-effective solution to add space and value to your home.


For example, inserting rooflight with no alteration to the shape of the roof will be much budget-friendly than building a dormer extension. Or if you put some bathroom facilities, try to put them where they can be easily connected to an existing soil pipe downstairs.


  1. Something on the side

If you’re living with typical Victorian terrace house or semi, extending into the side return to widen the kitchen at the back is a commonly used solution. To bring the light in, you can go for a glazed roof over a single-storey side return, but for a cost-effective solution, use off-the-shelf rooflights.


  1. Time is money, so do it yourself

Hiring the professional architect is still the best way to make sure that all things are going perfect, but if you’re really into cost-saving, the easiest way is to take it yorself, like labouring, decorating, and everything’s needed.


Just take on work that you have the time and skills to complete them effectively, or doing some DIY will become a false economy.


  1. Recycle, save, and sell

Think about recycling and saving stuffs, or if you’re thinking about throwing your old stuffs, what about selling them? It’s not only saving cost, but also helping people who need them out there, and giving you some extra income.


You can use this little guide to converse or extend your loft with cost-effective solutions. Not only gaining more space, a succesful conversion and extension loft can be a ultimate asset to your home, because it can also add some value to your property.


My name is Rianty, I am a home design lover, especially interior design. I have a little background in home designing too. In this blog, I will share anything related to home designing. Thanks for stoppin by, and stay tune !

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