Costco Kitchen Cabinets Reviews And Its Pricing

costco kitchen cabinets allwood cabinet 2016

Costco kitchen cabinets gains more and more popularity nowadays. Perhaps a lot of us are familiar with Allwood Cabinetary from Costco cabinets. Here is costco kitchen cabinets reviews in 2016. If you are on the way to renovate your kitchen and looking for any cabinets with reasonable good price and good quality, then you should give this collection a try.


Let’s talk about Allwood Cabinetary from Costco.


They come with affordable price, but don’t get me wrong. Affordable price is not alway assosiated with cheap and poor quality. We’re talking about Costco cabinets in Allwood Cabinetary, and they’re pretty good.


They’re well built with good designs and pretty finishing. It’s likely a special arrangement between Costco, a wholesale market and the Florida-based company as the cabinet supplier, Allwood Cabinetary, Inc. to provide discounts for Costco members.


Just like the name, Allwood Cabinetary’s cabinets are really made from wood, but the core of the cabinets itself is plywood, not solid maple or oak or other hardwood.


They looked at a 24” base cabinet, oak veneer as a point of comparison to other brands. Both of the cabinets are 24” wide and the standard 24” deep and 34 ½” high. It also has one drawer on top, two doors on bottom, and of course works well in either kitchen or bathroom.


The stated price was about USD 342.63. With costco membership, you shave off about USD 133.61 for a total of about USD 205.58. Lowe’s was offering an oak 24” base cabinet, a drawer and a door for around less USD 49.66, but it was made from MDF.


A similar oak cabinet for around the same price as the Costco Allwood Cabinetary, but it was a same MDF material. Other solid-wood offerings near to the construction of the Costco Allwood Cabinetary run around the same price as Costco Allwood Cabinetary, or a slightly higher price.


So we can tell, it’s a deal. It’a a decent price. Costco Allwood Cabinetary was also throwing in soft door closes and drawer extensions for free. Well, it’s a part of the promotion. It’s perhaps not really a big deal, but it’s not bad to have.


If you’re buying kitchen cabinets from a local retailer, you bet they will throw these in as an incentive. It doesn’t include any installation, you also cannot accept your delivery from Costco store. It’s only for curbside delivery.


By the way, cabinets by Costco didn’t come with finished sides. If you want the finished sides, then you have to pay extra, and it’s included with Allwood Cabinetary. Some people said that if you were buying it via, it’s more affordable than if you were buying it from Costco, plus the quality was way better.


On, the insides come with finished, as the same color as the door. In Costco, they don’t.


You can get a cabinet with glass door, and perhaps you want to match it, not to be a different color. But of course it depends on your taste. And the price was a big difference. Costco cabinets cost several thousand dollars more for a similar kitchen cabinet.


So you can make your choice.


After all, Allwood Cabinetary is a pretty good thing, both when you want to buy some from Costco or from the Allwood Cabinetary itself. You just have to deal with the price difference and your taste.


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