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Many people buy fine furniture, but leave it there running down to care carelessness or sheer lack of knowledge for scholars. In other cases, the furniture can be played by the use of heavy and abusive. If the furniture was of poor quality, it breaks very quickly.

Furniture Decor covered primarily with padding, dirty very quickly, if not better, or exposed to dust and mud power. Sofas, beds and other furniture cushions covered also, with the remaining time to fade in bright sunlight tends.

All furniture store Shabby Chic sold some tips to share, how to care for their ailing Tapestry.


The padding should be at least once a week and wash the loose cover inhaled week. Dirt fell into hard to reach areas such as cracks under the pad with a narrow object deleted.

The protective material

Soils and stains can be avoided by spraying fabric protectors. It can be applied when the pad is installed. You may also be available for commercial use.

Treatment Pillow

The cushions that stay in one place are to fall into the rule for a long time, as she sat receive on a daily basis. It is important to rotate them and they turn to a different location.

Rearrange furniture

To avoid wear component often faster than the rest of the furniture, new furniture, used at least once every six months.

Retirement benefits

Headrest, backrest armrests wear faster than other parts. You also get dirty faster than it comes in contact with the bare skin and hair. It may be the rest covered in the same color and. These covers are barely noticeable, but very effective in protecting the upholstery fabric.

Very good washable slipcovers for use in hot weather, they can be easily washed, while effectively protecting furniture against stains and dirt.

Unfinished wooden handle

Details empty of furniture, a damp cloth should be used to wipe the dust and other contaminants. Talk often to prevent in a hard shell, recommends caking to the dust, it is more difficult to obtain.

You can choose suspended by lightning to renew wood varnish or wax. Poland is a simple application, but can clean cake when it often. Wax can be applied oil with soap washed new level.

If the pad is too old, you can always go back to the store and more items Shabby Chic Houses buy a new emergency for the setting.


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