Geometry in The Interior Implementation

In combination with various other geometric elements of home decor, such as floral patterns, they look for the best unique. Geometric trend fits perfectly into the Scandinavian design, modern and minimalist. It can also be more traditional interior use and look just beautiful, but also surprising. Geometry does not necessarily mean symmetry, but some symmetry of geometric motifs may be around the house.

Geometry in the implementation of the interior is what is decoration. Textile house design is very important because it can make the whole very face. Covers are always perfectly set the tone in every apartment a. Adding a touch of geometric patterned pillowcases will try. The effect may be even better when mixed with geometric patterns and floral or abstract ones. Carpets, blankets and curtains, take the next element of the design to the level of geometric patterns.

A good way to play with the design of your living room in order to find a coffee table with legs in geometric or general geometric shape. Moreover chandelier or ceiling screens can be made of metal pipes geometric shape, which is a popular solution Scandinavian interior design. Table lamps, which are large enough to illuminate the room, could shades cubic or rectangular shape.

Can sleeping beds and geometric patterns. There are two ways: First, is patterned, sheets and pillows are a different color or pattern; Two, only pillows and blankets are constructed in one color or add other hand, there are abstract patterns and curves.

Walls can remain neutral, but it can be interesting wall of the inner geometric shapes, putting the book of wallpaper; Stencil patterns look nice, too. Moreover, the pattern may be metallic; There are many shops metallic colors. Bad specifically you can invest in the tiles and geometric results will be more spectacular and modern.

Another element of the interior design is the wall art. Geometric shapes look great hanging in the bathroom or wherever you want. This may take the form of a hexagonal mirror tiles take densely hung next to each other appear on the wall. Create an art gallery wall, which is a great way to make your home is a combination of geometry and abstract lines or female, to ensure not all about geometry (which can sometimes be overwhelming), but it’s an eclectic mix of styles


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