Home Sweet Home With Shabby Chic Interior Design

I’m sure that all shabby chic interior designof you love to style up your home interior to match your taste or personality don’t you? Or maybe you love to sometimes switch or change your home interior depends on the mood.

If the answer is
yes, then you want to search some ideas to style up your room. Here is one of them.

Among the other interior styles, shabby chic is maybe one of the most beloved. Shabby chic is one of styles based on European design that has a soft, feminine atmosphere.

The pallette of colors, motives, Pop-Victorian style accessories, and furniture choices can make your room looks feminine, classic, or even princessy with warm feeling. You can apply this style in your entire house and rooms. For you who love this sweet, classic, and feminine style, here are some points:

  • Use soft pastel colors or gentle spring colors.
  • Feminine motives are lovely to make your interiors more shabby.
  • Vintage or classic style furnitures are lovely.

In classic European design, colors are not only seen as decoration, but also as a soul of the style itself to create the room character even more alive. Soft spring, pastel colors are shabby chic’s color pallette.

You can use any colors, but in soft gradation like pink, mint green, pale blue, white, or creame. Apply those colors on walls, furnitures, bedsheets, curtain, or cushion.

You can also combine two colors to avoid monotonous impression. Stay away from bold and strong colors for a sweet and feminine shabby chic interior style to keep its soft impression.

Motives are important in shabby chic interior. Florals, dots, and lines are some motives that usually used in this style. You can have wallpaper, pillow case, bedsheet, or furniture upholestry with one of the motives.

Pastel colors and shabby chic motives on furniturse, walls, or accessories can make your room looks classically pretty and feminine.

Fabric materials are also used to improve your shabby chic interior style. cooton and linen fabrics are often used to decorate shabby chic room. You can have them on your tablecloth, curtain, pillow case, etc. If you want to have them with motives, try cute and small florals.

Make the classic and vintage impression stronger by using furnitures and choice of accessories. The furnitures can be made with woods or metals.

You can choose the furnitures with netral colors or make them stand out with natural material color. Or you can simply have them painted.

Scratching looks also works on create a vintage and old impression on the furniture. Sanded white furnitures are also nice for vintage look of the shabby chic style. More creativity are acceptable.

Classic style furniture itself also usually has its own signature style with curved shape.

It’s equipped with ornaments that beautify the overall looks. Besides, use vintage style accessories in your room, like frame or chandelier to make your shabby chic interior style more defined.

After all, for having a classically sweet and feminine shabby chic interior is not difficult, isn’t it? Make sure that you keep the elements in balance, so it won’t look too heavy or messy. Have a fun and lovely way to enjoy explore new ideas of home interior.




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