How To Decorate A Small Living Room With Fireplace

decorate living room with fireplace

Decorate a living room with fireplace not only for a warm sphere that you can share with your family, but also adds a touch of elegance to the whole room. Most of us want a cozy and warm feeling while having a quality time with our family, and a well-arranged living room will do the tricks.


The problem is sometimes we think that the living room is not suitable enough for some good designing, especially when it comes to small size of room with a seemingly not enough space to be optimally arranged.


Let’s say that you have not much worry if your living room was in big, enough size and space to arrange it with fireplace. But how to decorate a small living room with fireplace?


Arranging small living room with a fireplace can be a bit challenging, but it can still look elegant with the warmth of fireplace. You just have to know the tricks to make it works well. Let’s check 3 ideas below to give the best for the small living room with fireplace.


  1. Center fireplace with plenty of seating

If you think that small living room would look better with less furniture, well think it again because it isn’t always that true.


small fireplace ideas


When you’re designing around fireplace, you can create a cozy atmosphere by using a love seat and two accent chairs in place of single, larger sofa. It’s better to use an accent table in between the chairs to hold items like books, lamps, or coasters than using end tables around the sofa.


Small livingroom is about to have maximal storage, so you can try it by adding bookcases to either side of the fireplace for a faux built-in look.


  1. Corner fireplace with extra chair

We might think at first that a corner fireplace won’t be look awesome for furniture arranging around because it seems like there’s not enough space to angle the furniture match with the fireplace.


fireplace in a small living room


But we have a trick here. The key is to angle the furniture so it points toward the fireplace. That will keep the fireplace as the focal point of your room.


To get it more evenly, just start by placing the edge of your rug in line with the edge of the fireplace, then arrange the position of your furniture around the rug.


  1. To stylish sofas for the center fireplace

If your fireplace is located in the center of the living room, you can create a cozy space yet gaining a maximal space in your living room. Use two love seats for seating instead of one larger sofa.


small living room fireplace ideas


With this way, you’ll get the same amount of seating but the whole room will look less crowded. If you have enough space, you can put end tables beside the love seats for an extra storage and table space.


A rug is large enough to fit all of the furnitures set well together with the room, yet still add the whole scene to the warm and cozy feeling.


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