How To Decorate Bedroom Without Spending Money

small bedroom decorating tips

How to decorate bedroom without spending money? Wait, so we can decorate our bedroom without spending a lot of money? For real?

Yes we can, for real. You don’t have to spend tons of money to make your bedroom look stylish, and guess what, you even can get it done without spending money at all! Does it sound unbelievable?


Take this time as your lucky day because we’re here for you to share some tips about how to decorate bedroom without spending money, for free, and of course for sure. Take a look fore these ideas and pick the ones you like the most.


  1. DIY Pipe Bed

If you’re a fan of industrial interior design style and want to tailor your bedroom look, it sounds fun to have a DIY project. You can make your own unique bedroom using pipes.


cheap bedroom design ideas


  1. Wall of Display Picture

Looking at the picture or photos of beloved ones, beautiful places, favorite characters, or just simply anything you’ll enjoy to look at is always fun and cheers up your mood. The good news is you don’t have to use frames to make it work, just simply put the pictures on and arrange them in nice pattern.


cheap diy bedroom ideas


  1. Beautify Your Tiny Table

If your table is too small for a lot of accents, it doesn’t mean that you have to buy the new one. Let’s see what we can do with the stuffs that you’ve already had. Use a pretty patterned fabric scrap, oversize scarf, or retired window treatment panel to add more elegance to your tiny table.


  1. Bed of Pallets

You can find wooden pallets in local stores, while they usually don’t cost you anything. If you get on your hands 4 or 8 of them, you can build a unique bed frame with naturally artistic sense.


diy bedroom wallpaper cheap


  1. Mood Booster-Display

Another thing that can boost up your mood while you’re in your room is with piece of artwork called greeting cards. If you have some greeting cards from your birthday, new year, Valentine’s, or any special events, you can clip them to a string and hang them on. By this, you can have a display art purpose and mood booster in one go.


  1. Decoration with Fashion Accessories

Jewels, ribbons, bags, or anything you usually wear as fashion accessories can be cute room decoration too! You can use them to dress up your wall or curtain. To make your accessories in your box become an artwork, use frames or shadow boxes to group them together. Or just simply attach it to your curtain. Bonus: this idea has double function, as closet display and room decoration.


cheap bedroom decoration ideas


  1. Shutter Headboard

Do you have any unused window shutters? Instead of throwing them, you can use them as beautiful headboard. Deal with your creativity to make them match your interior decoration, or just simply match your sense of art.


  1. Paint it with Tape

Your colorful masking tape can make your walls or door look attractive. Use them to create some interesting shapes and designs.


  1. Books Solution

The problem is the messy, untidy books everywhere and you just don’t know what to do because there’s no more space to keep them all neatly. Well, let’s put them into use. Turn a stack of books into a slide table by placing a tray on the top. If you’d like some readings, just pull the book from the stack.


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  1. Fruity View

You don’t want the fruits in the refrigerator end with just being fruits, to be kept in the cold and to be eaten. So, it’s time to give those fruits another show! Put the colorful fruits in a glass jars or footed glass bowls. Choose the long-lasting fruits of the season for an affordable, fresh and colorful (yet delicious) display.


  1. Concrete Blocks in Multipurpose

Repurpose your old, unused concrete bloks as an awesome nightstand for your bedroom, just use 3 of them is enough. You can even use them to store your books or magazines too.


  1. Old Glasses Vas

Don’t throw away your old glassware because some parts of the set has broken. Mismatched drinking glasses can be beautiful vases too. Group some glasses together for a simple yet unique centerpiece, water and flowers add elegance to the vases.


Those are some easy yet friendly-budget to decorate your bedroom, because it’s free! You can even apply them to every room.


My name is Rianty, I am a home design lover, especially interior design. I have a little background in home designing too. In this blog, I will share anything related to home designing. Thanks for stoppin by, and stay tune !

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