How To Maximize Closet Space For Small Closet

how to maximize closet space

How to maximize closet space can be a bit tricky for some people, especially for those who has many stuffs yet struggle with small wardrobe. But having many clothes, bags, or other stuffs that exceeding the wardrobe size sometimes is inevitable, isn’t it?

Some people add new closet to solve the problem, and of course it works. There’re also people find that moving the stuffs to other place as solution, it’s a good idea. The problem is, what if it still doesn’t fit them?

Well if it happens so, we have to maximize closet space itself. You can take a breath because there are some ideas that can solve your problem. Here we offer you four of them. Check how to maximize closet space below:

  1. Add some iron hangers

maximizing closet space ideasHanging clothes is one of the easiest way to maximizing closet space, because hanging your clothes or other things has some advantages, especially if the iron hangers are on different height. So simply add more iron hangers. It makes you more easily to hang and save your stuffs, and the stuffs can be seen easily too. You can also pick it out without messing the other clothing folds.

  1. Hang the other stuffs

It’s still about hang-on-there tips, do you put anything other than clothing in your wardrobe? Hanging them can maximize closet space better than folding or placing them inside the drawer. Stuffs like glasses or shawl can be hung to utilize the vertical space in your small wardrobe.

  1. Utilizing the closet door

Many of us who have a minimalist house design often say “my closet is too small”. Also, We often see (or do) that sometimes the backside of the door house is used to hang things, right? Well we can also apply it with the wardrobe door. You can use it to add more space in saving your goods. You can put a hanger and use it to put some shoes, glasses, or anything.

  1. Trim your closet

It may sounds like one of the most classical tips on how to maximize closet space, by trim it and make it tidy. Well, but that’s right. It’s actually one of the simplest thing that often comes to our mind firs, by triming our wardrobe. You can do it by sort your old stuffs.

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small closet space ideasYou’ll be amazed to find that it comes to you have so many old stuffs; you perhaps doesn’t need it anymore, doesn’t wear it or doesn’t use it anymore. It can be clothes or things that no longer fit you, some old-fashioned clothes or accessories that doesn’t match the new trend, or perhaps some stuffs that you simply have no sense in it anymore.

If your wardrobe got full and fuller, then it’s time to sort the stuffs. Of course, don’t forget to clean it and make it tidy, because a neat wardrobe can be used well and has a maximal space for saving when it’s on its best condition: clean, nice, and tidy.

After reading some suggestions above, it seems that maximizing your closet space is no longer a big effort. Hope it can solve your problem with many stuffs in a limited space, small wardrobe.


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