Kitchen Design Layout Ideas And Tips


Designing a kitchen layout is as fun as designing the other rooms. You don’t have to be a master chef to own an awesome kitchen design layout, but a nice kitchen perhaps support you to be more “on the mood”  while have a quality time with yourself in your kitchen. Find out the best advises here to design your kitchen layout in the best way—don’t forget to pay attention to your kitchen size too, and your costing of course! Because, don’t worry, tight budgeting can also works well with a nice layout and design for your kitchen.

  1. The work Triangle

The work triangle is a popular term to call the three main work areas in the kitchen; they are the sink, range, and refrigerator. Apply the classic shapes to refresh the appliances. As example, place the wall opens and the cooktop in different areas.


For a two-cook kitchen design layout, the two sinks are very important. As a general guideline, there are some main rules (not so called rules, anyway) to prepare your kitchen space to be more comfortable to work in. For example, the distance between these areas should be not less than 1.22 m and not larger than 2.74 m. The summary of all three sides of the triangle should be between 4 m and 8 m. If the distance is too small or less than that, it can make the kitchen feel blocked. On the other side, if it’s too large it can make cooking a hassle. So please pay attention to these.


  1. The Zone Design

Another easy way to renew your kitchen design layout is by breaking the zone! It helps you to split areas in your kitchen. Make it a zone design. For example, separate the work station  and make it a one stop-station for cooking, eating, and cleaning. Thus, it will help several people to help you doing the task if you need it, with more space. So whether you want a perfect zone for cooking, dining, entertaining, family time, or even studying, just think about your new kitchen in the terms of different zones to help you group the zone for what you need to do each activity together.



  1. Galley Style

Also known as corridor style, this kitchen design has two straight runs on either side. The sink is commonly placed in one side and the range is on the other. You can change a simple, one-wall design into the galley shape by adding an island opposite the wall of cabinets. Islands can help replace the needed storage that is lost in open kitchen design with limited wall cabinets.


  1. L –Shaped Kitchen

If you’re looking for privacy when cooking, try an L-shaped layout that make effort to force the traffic out of the work area. But of course you can make it work for more interaction with guests and family members. Try an L-shape with an island to make it work better  with social interaction. The L-shaped kitchen itself has a main wall of cabinets with either the range or sink and shorter run of cabinets placed in an L-configuration.


  1. Work It With Paint

Paint is one of the simplest way to make your kitchen wall renewed without taking much and more budget. It works well if you want to remodel your kitchen design layout, and of course paint adds color to it. You can even do it yourself, just make sure you choose the right option to paint. Use oil-based or latex (water-based) paint and prepare the surfaces as instructed for the type of surface.


  1. Adding An Island Bench or Peninsula

Adding an island bench to your kitchen design layout adds both a valuable functional space as well creating a stylish centrepiece to your kitchen. You can try to use a contrasting bench top color to create a statement in your kitchen design and add some stools to one side, and the island can become a place where even kids can do homework, help with the cooking, or for guests to use while you’re entertaining. If you’re planing to add and island bench to your kitchen design, don’t forget to carefully pay attention to the placement, especially if you’re integrating a sink or cooktop to the island.


While peninsula is like an island bench that is connected to the wall of your kitchen on one side. It’s a nice option for the kitchens that have open floor plans or rectangular spaces and it gives you an additional bench space on both sides. The key consideration with adding a peninsula to your kitchen is traffic flow, because peninsula is joined to the wall of the kitchen at one end, so it doesn’t allow traffic flow through the kitchen in the same way the island bench does.


  1. Add Character to Your Kitchen

Another easy step to make a statement in your kitchen designs layouts is here! Use colorful or patterned wallpaper (especially those that designed for kitchen), tiles, or a distinctive splash back to create a focal point. Your kitchen is now more alive with a touch of character.


  1. Doors And Worktops Updating

Update your kitchen and make it refreshed with new design of doors, worktops, and drawer fronts. They add a touch of fresh look into your kitchen—you can choose one of the units or just simply choose one.


  1. The Lighting

Of course lighting can bring much effort to your kitchen look. The effect feels even stronger in the smaller room. Pendant lights gives a country scene to your kitchen, while lights or spotlights under the counter can create a modern touch. If you’re planing to rearrange your lights, as opposed to just getting the new shades, make sure to have a consultation with an electrician to find out what is possible in the safe way.


  1. The Flooring

Sometimes flooring can be forgotten as many people mainly focus on the lighting, wall designing, or re-layout the kitchen. But of course, replacing your floor to the new one can change the overall look of your kitchen in all-at-once. The vinyl flooring is generally the cheapest, while the natural materials such as wood and stone can be more expensive. You can choose anything for you and your kitchen, and all option is yours.

 design a kitchen with vinyl floor

  1. The Tiles

You can choose the nice yet inexpensive tiles as a splashback around the entire kitchen or behind the cooking area to renew an old look. You can get the affordable tiles and using the bold, bright, and colorful colors (or depends on your taste) sparingly, say running alongside plain white ones, will create a bold look.



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