Mezzanine Floor Design Guide At Home

mezzanine floor design guide

Hello everyone, this is a mezzanine floor design guide that you can apply at home. One of the most effective ways to get around the limitations of land is to make mezzanine. By adding half a floor, you will have a new room which can be enabled to become a variety of spaces. Also, you can utilize space under the mezzanine into a new room depending on how large the mezzanine you built.


This time, brings two examples design of the spaces below mezzanine that can inspire you. The first design is derived from the sample unit apartment.


steel mezzanine floor design

In the process, the architect refines the space under the mezzanine into the family room and work area which blends in. On the wall, there is a table made shots into the work table. While in the work area, there is a timber planted on the wall to put accessories and devices.


Mezzanine area is dominated by wood, either solid or veneered panels to coat walls and floors. Wood material with fibers that give the impression of “warm” is offset by the smooth finishing on walls and floors as well as a painted ceiling combined with white color.


Switch on the second design, where the mezzanine area utilized became musical area. While the area underneath is used into the kitchen.

distance between mezzanineSimilar to the concept of home interior design thoroughly, a mezzanine area is dominated by Dutch teak wood material that appeared on the walls of the mezzanine area, stairs to the kitchen cabinet cupboard. To avoid monotony, designers apply ceramic measuring 10 cm x 10 cm on the kitchen walls, as well as installing cooker hood to drain off the heat when cooking.


If you are interested in applying to both design, customize it with space requirements as well as the available land area. Of course, you can create by changing or adding storage space functions as a storage solution.


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