Modern Kitchen Designs in 2016

modern kitchen designs 2016

Year of 2016 is still on going, and 2017 is not that longer to come. If you’re really into trends while talking about design, home interior is one of things that you can mention. Having touch up your bedroom, living room, gardens, or maybe library, now it’s time to move on to the modern kitchen designs in 2016.


We’re right here for you to give some guidance on what’s here on the spotlight for kitchen design trends in 2016—and guess what, we’re also anticipating the trends that won’t fall down in the next year.


We’re talking about modern kitchen designs in 2016, and here we go:


  1. Use Soft and Muted Pastel Colors

Interior designer, Jane Lockhart, shared her thoughts on what color trend in 2016 is. According to her, everything from cabinets to backsplashes will be polished in less saturated colors, like charcoals, grays, and tinted whites are on the spotlight.

modern kitchen design ideas 2016


She also mentioned neutral pastels like pale blue and pale green gray. Lighter wood tones like walnuts, whitewashed woods and white oak also support the scenes. Gail Drury, interior designer, also stated that drier colors are popular. Muted blues and greens and pale yellow pastel will be used as accent colors.


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  1. Black is The New White

Get ready for the black kitchen cabinets that are also in this year, of course with extraordinary and unique designs, more than traditional ones. They easily become a bold point of any kitchen design.

black color kitchen trends 2016


The elegant yet modern black color meets contemporary design is such a fashion. Don’t forget to pay attention to exact lighting in your kitchen when you’re playing with black color.


  1. Touch of Green

This time is we’re talking not exactly about green color, but it’s about plants, real plants. If your kitchen is dominated with white color, you can put some plants in some parts of wall or kitchen table too add fresh scene, make it more alive and standout.


kitchen design trends 2016


With the dominant white color, you can also use some flashy colors for your cooking utensils. Tawny color, equator yellow, and bali hai blue are also hot this year to be fused with your monochrome colors.


  1. Oval Design Tables

Square tables are in fashion these years, but oval designs are back this year. If you love minimalist design, you can easily put this kind shape of table in your kitchen. You just have to choose the right color and the right degree of space to place it.

kitchen design ideas 2016


  1. Decorative Ceramics

If you are into contemporary design, then you’re be excited because this concept is one of the trends this year. You can apply it by using decorative ceramics in your kitchen wall. They will make your kitchen standout when you pair them with white colors. Don’t match it with wood decorations, because it doesn’t look good.


So if you feel like want to renovate your kitchen, you can use tips above to make your kitchen interior design updated. An awesome kitchen will give the atmosphere of happiness when you’re cooking with your family, and of course it can be a new definition of family time.


Gallery For Modern Kitchen Designs 2016


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