Modern Minimalist Interior Design Sample

modern minimalist interior design

The Box-shaped design is identical in modern minimalist interior design as well as exterior design. Simple geometric shapes that appear on the composition of the overall building up on every detail.

The glass box quantity and position also arranged, adapted to the structure of the canopy. Interestingly, the long span concrete structure is strong enough without a sustained buffer column in the Center.

The front of the House looks massive with little openings. Application of this design put a damper on the afternoon sunlight from the West that hit the front of the House. In the area of the entrance, there is a ladder to get to the main entrance on the second floor. So that’s not too steep, ladder pattern is designed with the u-shaped. On the side of the stairs, there is a sloping surface Garden follows the slope of the ladder.

modern bedroom interior design

The Concept Of Openness

Unlike the outer display which tends to be more massive, modern minimalist interior design tends to be open. This did not escape the presence of garden area in the back and void in the central part of the House. The concept of transparency is reinforced through the application of wide glass openings on the sides of the room, leading to voids or grounds as well as the application element of the skylights. Architects apply such openness to maximize natural lighting and natural air circulation to optimize any room.

The Division Of Spaces

The void area is designed as an open-air sitting area with fish pond koi to form a natural setting. The natural character of the area was also coupled with a wooden parquet floor applications. In addition, there is a seating area on the ground floor. This room also contains a sitting area “drift” in the form of a room of coated box wooden wall. Box seating area which seems to float is the primary of the whole area of the House. Uniquely, the structure of the box seating area is designed to hang on a beam floor structure.

Architect divides the spaces in this House based on their privacy levels activity with character. We can see this from the placement of the space activities, the function is to avoid guests who come across spaces that are private. The family area is concentrated on the second floor. As for the third floor, it is used for the placement of the rest area. Meanwhile, the top floor (rooftop) is a relaxing family area (penthouse) equipped with a roof garden.

White and wood accents

In this House, many applied the color of white to affirm the character as a modern minimalist interior design. White is also chosen to accentuate the color filler elements of space and color accent.

As accents, the architect uses wood. In this case, the color of the wood can make a memorable white building which “cold” became more “warm”. In addition to wood, the architect also chooses natural stone as alloy material that is appropriate for displaying a natural character.


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