Pastel Color Can Be Maskuline Too

tips to decor pastel colorMany people thought that pastel colors are only for feminine use, because they usually have soft impression. Pastels are light or very light colors because they are born from mixing between any colors and white. That’s why pastel colors look light and soft, and usually used only to show feminine side of almost everything. Fashion and interior design are just some of them.

Are you one of people who think so?

Well, I hope not this time, because it turns out to be not an absoloute thing. The thing is, it maybe surprises you that pastel colours also can be masculine. You can use this fact to all of the aspect of your life that related with color. For example, in interior design.




First, maybe some of us know the benefit of pastel colors for your interior design, such as:

  • It can give romantic and feminine impression

It’s not a secret that pastel colors are identical with romantic and girly impression. For you who want to accentuate girly side in your room, just simply fuse them with floral, geometrics, or plkadot motives.

  • It’s suitable with various design

Pastel colors are friendly to mix and match with various concept of design. You can mention it: shabby chic, modern, vintage, classic, skandinavia style, and more design concepts. They’re also easy to match with other type of colors.

  • Pastel colors to accentuate your furniture

Because of simple and clean impression of pastel colors, the beauty of your furniture will stand out even more. Too flashy colors will cover and decrease its charm.

  • Pastel colors are soothing

Soft pastel colors can make you feel relaxed in your home. The colors soothe and mute negative emotions. It’s not only you who can take the advantage of pastel colors using, but also people who visit your home.

  • It give larger illusion to your room

As the color white works on make your room look wider, pastel color does the same thing. It can be your alternative choice for a wide room without romm without look boring.

  • It works with maskuline style too

Pastels are feminine, but they can be maskuline too if you match it with dark and strong colors. With this kind of mix and match, you can make your room look awesome with maskuline feel, and that’s what we’re now talking about.


As it’s mentioned above, you can mix the pastel colors with darker colors or natural color pallettes to achieve more maskuline style in your room. You can also play it with color gradation with pastels without making it too feminine, yet still defined. For example, pastel blue on the wall can be balanced with dark blue furnitures to build the maskuline taste. More tips for you below:

  1. Pastel and brown

The color brown can balance soft impression of pastel colors without making it too strong. It can also also accentuate your pastels to be bold and defined. If you have pastel color sofa, you can balance it gentleness by adding a table or paint your wall with brown color.

  1. Pastels as accent

Do you love pastel pink and peach but you worry because they will make your room too feminine? Don’t worry then, just make them as accent. Without decorating your room with dominant pastel colors, make them as accent can take the impression of your room to the next level of style.

  1. Pastels and the black

The color black always does an awesome job to bring the maskuline feeling when it goes with every color, and it works with pastels too. Pastels to be mixed with black has a unique touch that can tone down the cold side of black color. This mixture of colors can create a perfect contrast.

  1. Gradation play

Fuse pastels colors with darker colors, and you can make a beautiful gradation without making it look to feminine. A well-balanced composition is the key of harmonious appearance of both.


Play with pastel colors to create a maskuline impression for your interior design is no longer an impossibility. Make sure you try some ideas above to create your own new definition of maskuline style.


My name is Rianty, I am a home design lover, especially interior design. I have a little background in home designing too. In this blog, I will share anything related to home designing. Thanks for stoppin by, and stay tune !

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