Skandinavian Inspired Home Interior Design

skandinavian style home interiorFor some people, a home interior design can be a way to express their personality. They style up their home to match their taste and sense of aesthetics.


Well of course, I think it can be understood. Our home is a place where we live everyday for years. That’s why we want to make it feel “homy” with our own touch of style that suitable with ourselves, or our personality.


By the way about sense of style and personality for home interior design, classic and simple style has grown its own popularity lately.


No wonder, simplicity always gains a lot of fans. If you love simplicity and a clean impression that feels light, then this is for you. We’ll call this design as Skandinavian Style.


Why should it be called Skandinavian? Because this interior style is much applied in Northern European contries, such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Findland, Iceland, and of course Skandinavia.


The Skandinavian interior style raised in Northern European in 1950’s. But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you who don’t live in those countries cannot apply it for your home interior. It’s simple, clean, and earthy, also easy to rock with. Stay tune to check the tips out:


  1. Neutral colors

Scandinavian-InteriorStick with neutral colors to change your interior design into Skandinavian style. The color white is the most commonly used.


As you know, white color is still the top-search to make the room looks wider and clean.


You can try wood floor in white color to make the entire room looks larger.


To achieve Skandinavian style interior, you can also play with cool colors, like grey.



  1. Big window for nature-friendly impression

Skandinavian interior brings big winskandinavian home interior designdow as one of its signature style. The window can be floor-to-plafond-sized. With its natural concept, big windows enables sunlight comes into your room.


Fresh air circulation can be simplicity itself. You can also enjoy the beautiful views outside your home by looking outside the window.


Some houses with this concept even being completed with balcony to make it more comfortable. You can imagine a beautiful, fresh aired morning with the sunshine comes through the window.


Or a warm afternoon to the evening time with golden sunset that you can see in the west area of your house. You can feel the relaxing natural atmosphere anytime you want.

  1. Artistic and eco-friendly

Wood furniture is the most common choice for this interior style. Wood furniture with white and neutral colors add a touch of simple and natural impression of Skandinavian interior style.


There are some keys to hold on Skandinavian style furniture to complete the interior look. It must be simple in line and shape. Aesthetics aspect is important, that’s why Skandinavian style looks simple yet artistic. It’s also important to accentuate its function to keep the style simple and not heavy.


Eco-friendly is also a dominant aspect in Skandinavian interior style. Choose accessories item that can be re-used or recycled. Plastic made-items are to avoid in this natural concept.


So what do you think about this concept of clean, simple, and natural style interior? Try it if you love simplicity as one of your keys of life.


My name is Rianty, I am a home design lover, especially interior design. I have a little background in home designing too. In this blog, I will share anything related to home designing. Thanks for stoppin by, and stay tune !

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