8 Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

small bathroom tile ideas

Homeinterioranddesign.comSmall Bathroom Tile Ideas. A bathroom is usually not the largest space in our home and more often, a bathroom comes with small space. However, having a small space doesn’t mean that you should quit your self to have a nice look for your bathroom, especially when we’re talking about tiles.

With some tips, tricks, and ideas, a smaller space of bathroom can be opened up. For you who’re ready to tile up your small bathroom, we have 8 small bathroom tile ideas for you to try out:


  1. Playing dark

Don’t get intimidated with dark colors. Play with sombre colors like navy blue, grey, and black to make a small bathroom tile look unexpectedly stylish. Let the dark grouting ties the tiles, and they’re really pop out in contrast with the dark walls and the fittings.

small bathroom tile design


  1. Wood among the white

It’s not a secret that the white color makes best friend with the smaller space. It keeps the clean impression of the bathroom and it enhances the sense of space. Add wooden details in the window, door, and accessories to give a classy feeling to an all-over white bathroom.

small bathroom tile designs


  1. Soft green and gloss black tile

Give a soft yet unique color a try, like the mint green color. To make the look beyond the expectation, pair it with black color lines. The black color tiles create an edge around the mint green tiles. The overall look is simple, refreshing, and unique at the same time.

small shower tile ideas


  1. Subtle black on white

When it comes to the color black and white, you’ll find the countless creation. This time, we’ll introduce you a graceful combination between the white color and the subtle black color. It pops the subway tile and the classic marble-topped sink vanity, and it surely gives your bathroom a chic look.

small bathroom wall ideas


  1. Statement of personality

A small bathroom can be a jaw-breaking elegance. A thick alternating black and white stripes give your bathroom a loud statement. Black-and-white tile floors are in harmony with standard white fixtures, they subside to give the stripes show up the personality.


  1. Eclectic bathroom

For you who’re in love with eclectic style, make your bath eclectic too. Use the white color as the main element and the black as the co-element, then let the simple gold tap pops the accents. A bath routinity is no longer ordinary.

small bathroom idea


  1. Deadly alive

Don’t let the dead space get down. Take the small bathroom to the luxury by adding the glass shelf above the toilet. It’s often gone to waste, but instead, you can give it a display of your elegant perfume collections, and yes, the instant luxury is there.


  1. Mosaic bathroom

Make your bathroom as the piece of artwork. Mediterranian sphere is perfectly added to your bathroom with the touch of patterned tiles. To create an extraordinary impression, don’t stop only at bright colors! Try out a cascade of tilesdown one wall to mix the vivid, bold pints and plain white to make the artisticry alive.

bathroom tile ideas

Well, that’s it, 8 small bathroom tile ideas for your bathroom design.


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