5 Small Kitchen Floor Plans Ideas

small kitchen floor plans

Homeinterioranddesign.comSmall Kitchen Floor Plans. Don’t let the less space and size let you down about planning a small kitchen, because a small space absolutely can be good. It’s not about how much space that you have, but it’s about what you do with it.

The good news is, managing a small kitchen can be easier, you can make it so cozy with maximum comfiness. You don’t have to be a master chef to heart a comfortable kitchen, because a kitchen can be a nice place to enjoy your family time.


Some people follow the traditional concept of kitchen layout, that is based on idea of creating a work triangle with imaginary lines drawn between the sink, range, and refrigerator. But the concept applied can be different when we’re talking about having small kitchen.


Think again, because you want some ideas for the most of efficiency and better space that you have. For an efficient and functional small kitchen floor plans, read some guides below:



Best practice on small kitchen floor plans ; Make the limit is no limit. If your kitchen is limited to one wall, you can still give it a go to make it work. To make it the best, the sink should be centered on the wall and flanked by the refrigerator and the cooktop or range. If it’s possible, allow 4 feet of counter on each side of the sink to provide plenty of space for clean ups and food preparation. Use all of your wall to maximize the storage out, you can use cabinetry or open shelving that gows well to the ceiling.


small kitchen floor designs



The G shape kitchen is basically an U shape kitchen with an attached peninsula or half wall. If you have a floor plan with an adjoining room, then the G shape kitchen planning is ideal for you.


floor designs ideas for small kitchen



The U shape is a floor plan that works the most efficient with one workstation on each of the three walls, in the letter U shape. The primary cook can pivot from one station to another and the second cook can share one leg of the triangle. To make cooks feels comfy, the base of the letter U should be at least 8 feet long. There you go for small kitchen floor plans !


u shape layout for small kitchen



We call it L shape, for workstations on two adjustment walls. The L shape gives its best performance in a 10×10 foot or larger room and makes space for a second cook. It should route traffic out the L’s crook.


L-shape kitchen designs for small kitchen



A kitchen with parallel walls and contain three workstations. This compact kitchen plan allows the cook move easily between areas, but the traffic will disturb except that there is at least 4 feet of space between the counters. Ideally, make the position of the sink and the refrigerator on one wall while the cooktop on the other. A two-wall galley kitchen usually has windows on one side. If you want to create illusion of larger space, put a mirrored backsplash.


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