10 Small Toilet Design Ideas

Homeinterioranddesign.comSmall Toilet Design Ideas. A toilet may be not the room that gain the most of attention in design. The space, the design interior, and everything we mostly put inside are commonly expected. For those who prepare a larger space to explore “how far a toilet can be”, designing the toilet can be less tricky than designing the small ones.


But if it is what you’re facing now, a little touch can magically transform a small space toilet into the something new. Let’s bring the inspiration to the tiny space of your toilet or powder room with some fun design ideas!

  1. Oval sink

Give an oval sink a try! An oval shape is softer the rectangle one. It instantly makes the small toilet space appears bigger.

small toilet design picture


  1. Inexpensive beauty

Paired a hand-carved marble sink with a modern metallic damask wall covering. Add gold glided mirror and crystal—amber is a good choice, you can apply it as a crystal wall sconces. You don’t have to use high prices materials to give an impressive look to a small toilet design ideas.

small toilet design ideas


  1. Simple impact

Maximize your storage space in your small toilet with a custom floor-to ceiling built-in shelf for storing your bath necessities. It not only solves your storage space but also makes the entire space looks lighter.


  1. Add a kick of color

Bold color makes a loud statement! Refresh the toilet with fresh kelly green walls. Choose the ultra-white for floor and wainscoting to balance the bold color. Your toilet will look brighter just like in one wink.

tiny toilet design pictures

  1. Illusion of glass

Glass is always being a top option to make a larger illusion of small space. For a small toilet, a glass shower enclosures allows you to see from one end of the room to another, a simple way to change the look of a small space.

small toilet design


  1. Compact fixtures

Choose compact, sculptural fixtures to maximize toilet floor spaces.

small toilet ideas


  1. Classic charm

Do you want to bring the charm into a small toilet? Let the wood paneling and the chair rail do the task. They allow you to add a charm of formality that not too heavy, but it’s more than enough to style up the look.

small tiny toilet design


  1. Contemporary geometric

Bring the creativity to the over the top to renew the small toilet appearance. Use the geometric paper above the tiling and right on to the ceiling to create an unexpected contemporary impression.


  1. Saturated shade

You may hear about a theory says that the darker shade is not for the small spaces. Well, it can be right, but don’t get it wrong because with any techniques you can make it really cool. Don’t be scared to try the ultra-dark shades! if you have a lot of natural lights, you can play with black color in ceiling-reaching wallpaper to emphasize the room. Choose the pattern that you desire to make it more awesome.

small tiny design toilet


  1. Floating in the toilet

Add a different, unusual accent with a simple way. The floating vanity takes up less visual space and becomes a focal point at once. Instead of the standard swinging door, choose the pocket door to keep the privacy of the toilet and free up the floor space.


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