10 Small White Bathroom Ideas

Homeinterioranddesign.com Small white bathroom ideas. White is white, an endless color you can rock with any designs. White with its partner, black, are a pair of colors that never gonna be down to date to style your interior design. Today, we’re gonna talk about small white bathroom ideas. It could sound good, because the color white is—we can say—a best friend of any rooms with small space to improve the illusion of dimensions, and small bathroom is no exception. But can it sound worse, because designing a small bathroom in white will look plain and boring?


Let us tell you that white is white, one of endless colors of designs, so an exact touch won’t make a small bathroom looks boring and ordinary!


Find out some tips below about design a small white bathroom ideas, and you’re ready to bring your bathroom into the coziness with style. Who says that a small white bathroom can’t be as charming as the colorful ones?


  1. Bricks in white

If you were clueless in designing a white small bathroom, paint it all in white and walk away seemed that everyone would do. What if add bricks to make it more impressive? You can choose your bricks as you desire, but if you love urban-inspired vibe, give some natural bricks a try, and let the accessories stay minimum.


small white bathroom ideas


  1. Splash of pink

White color bathroom is elegant by itself, but of course you can add a splash of color to enrich the style. To make it more eye catching, add a magenta pink shower curtain to pop some sweetness and break out the monotony.


pink small bathroom ideas


  1. Touch of mosaics

To add some charm in your small white bathroom ideas, bright mosaics can be a bright idea. It helps your small white bathroom more playful with lighting, and another best thing, it’s inexpensive.


small bathroom ideas with tube


  1. White window

If you plan to go with window, go for white for a beautiful, light heavy space. A lot of light makes a small space look much bigger.


small white bathroom cabinet


  1. Play with decorations

For a primarily white bathroom, decorations give more gifts. The more you have some, the better. You can play with accessories, plants, or even charming furnishings for accents.


small bathroom ideas traditional


  1. White in contrast

Black always work well with white, and their mixing—gray, is also well done to match. The contrast they produce create more personality for a small white bathroom. That’s why this type of mix and match never goes wrong. It adds a very distinctly modern vibe that hard to resist.


bathroom designs for small spaces


  1. Beach style bathroom

Here is another idea to apply bricks for a small white bathroom ideas. Brick shower tiles with or without glass doors. To make it a jaw-breaking elegance, play with white carerra marbles everywhere. They’re perfect for achieving an European beach design style for the bathroom.


tiny bathrom ideas


  1. Marble blue

It’s not a secret that blue colors can give a calm effect psychologically. A bright blue color adds a soothing impression with a bit cheerful atmosphere to your small white bathroom. If you don’t mind to add color in your overall white bathroom, simply paint it in bright blue, while keep the rest in white. Play it with white marble furnishings to invite a cheery, calming yet casual impression.


  1. Retro white

Decors always hold role in the most designs, and so this time is. Give a small white bathroom a retro tiling and delicate decors to make it more unique and stand out.


grey and white bathroom ideas


  1. White walls still work

If you prefer a more conventional look with all white, no exception in wall painting, then it’s okay. It doen’t mean that your bathroom can’t look stylish. One of the advantages of white walls is it can make a small white room looks bigger, stick with it. Add decor to make it look charming and awesome.


A small white bathroom ideas is not colorful, it’s white, but it doesn’t mean that it has less charm than the colorful ones!


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