Spots For Your Mini Library In A Small House

Modern family nowadays becomes more aware with knowledge and science progress. Some will take internets or online refferences, but books and magazines always have their own place in people’s need.


Family library becomes solution for those people who want to keep in touch with their bookworm-side, in a comfortable yet homy atmosphere.


But sometimes it’s a little bit tricky to arrange a library in a small house. So do you have a small house but still want a library—at least a small library—inside?


No worries, of course you can have it! Don’t let your hobby and your books and mazagines collection undone in a mess because you have no space to place them in your home. You just have to make a space in one of your rooms so it has a double function. Here are some ideas to pick:


  • Family room library

Make a book shelf behind your sofa in your family room, and you can easily read your books without any special room. The minus side is, it may be a bit difficult to have access with books that being closed because of the sofa posistion. You may have to move it first to take the book out. But in positive way, reading activity with discussion and light talk with your family members can be your new definition of family quality time.


  • Dining room library

If your family room is impossible to place a high book shelf, you can move the shelf to your dining room. Place the shelf untill it fulfills the dining room wall, then you can easily pick up some books and have a reading time after meal. But make sure your dining table is clean. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable with a messy room and a table full of former food while you’re exploring the world with book.


  • Use your bedroom

How cool is that, a private library in your own bedroom?

If you don’t find any cozy space in your house to build up your mini library, then you still have the most cozy space of your own; your bedroom. Most of us (maybe you too) agree that bedroom is a space where we can feel the most comfortable.


mini library home design

Reading can be a relaxing activity too, so why don’t you put the shelf near your bed? When you feel boring (even with TV progrmas) you can always pick some books from your shelf. When you feel like need to be a bit serious with something you want to study, you can still have it cozy among your pillows.


It’s as simple as that. Even when it comes to your comfort, it’s still simple. Just keep them organized so you will not feel messy and uncomfortable with untidy books and magazines.


It’s easy isn’t it? Another good news is, you can always re-arrange your book shelf by moving them to spot you’d like. Sometimes we want a new scene and if necessary, you can change the position of your book shelf, because there’s no special trick here to make your own mini library in a small house. Just use some spots mentioned above, and voila, welcome to the library.


My name is Rianty, I am a home design lover, especially interior design. I have a little background in home designing too. In this blog, I will share anything related to home designing. Thanks for stoppin by, and stay tune !

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