4 Staircase For Tight Spaces Design Ideas

staircase design for small spaces

How’s life, everyone? Today we’re talking about staircase for tight spaces. A staircase, as you know, is one of the multipurpose solutions for storage, furnishing, and decoration.

A staircase can connect several floors in your home and provide some book or store other small things. So for tight spaces, a staircase is very functional and effective. Safe the tight space, visually and functionally, with some ideas of staircase below:


  1. Spiral Stairs

Spiral stairs always become a diva for any small spaces. When people talk about stairs for small space, the spiral ones always come to mind. If you’ve heard about new cutting-edge designs for spiral stairs, they take about one square meter, or about 3.3 square feet of space. Make sure that the columns are made of stainless steel, and for the steps you can explore a variety of materials, like metal, glass, wood, and stone.

staircase for tight spaces


  1. Cabinet And Bookcase Stairs

A storage purpose is one of the most favorite space-saving solutions when it comes to small dimensions. Beside connecting the upper and lower floors, a staircase-bookcase combination can give you a new definition of saving. It works excellent for the built-in-bookshelves. The stairs create the top of bookcase, which covers the entire wall room underneath the stairs. You can also create a mini staircase, which is formed by custom built-storage cabinets from small to medium to large in height.

staircase ideas for small space


  1. Floating Stairs

Just like its name, this kind of stairs look like as they are floating in the space. The floating stairs are attached to the wall on only one side. Small treads in the corner installation need a very little space, at least it’s about 36 inches in width.

This staircase for small spaces are commonly made from wood, stone or glass, but can also be made from metal. You can also build it with acrylic panels or steel cables and glass as the alternatives. Of course the floating stairs without a handrail look cool and amazing, but there’s a catch here. The stairs may not be safe for children and might be doubtful for pets.

staircase design ideas for small spaces


  1. Modular Staircases, Loft Ladders, and Retractable Stairs

These types of stairs are typically used for attics, mezzanines, and lofts. The modular staircases can be configured as spiral stairs as well as turned and straight designs. They can be even purchased in kits which you’ll get the treads, handrails, balusters, and every hardware that you’ll need for the installation. These stairs are flexible, so you can figure them out in many ways, providing the plethora of the design choices.

staircase ideas for small spaces

Install the loft and attic ladders on the walls. They can also be designed as folding or sliding ladder-like stairs. It’s a cool option that can be disappear when not in used, an awesome design concept from an architect, Aaron Tang.


With some creativities of design, you can even create more innovations on installing or creating the stairs that meet your own purpose and home solutions, also the design you desire. So don’t be afraid to explore it.


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