Smart Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

storage ideas for small bathrooms

A small bathroom is very common, especially for homes with limited land. However, regardless of its size, small bathrooms still need a place to store or storage. Design or provide storage ideas for small bathrooms becomes more important because of limited space.


Therefore, the owner of the small bathrooms sometimes must be creative to find the space that could be used as storage. Where is it? To be sure, you should utilize any corner space to the maximum. Here are some of storage ideas for small bathrooms you can design:


1. Behind The Door

The door can be used as a place to hang. However, rather than just at the top of the door, attach Towel rack in all parts of the door, top, middle, and bottom. That way, you can hang more stuff there.

bathroom storage ideas


2. At The Top Of The Door

The wall above the door also can still be used. The breadth of the wall area is determined by the height of the door. However, though the area was not able to save a lot of things, at least by the presence of storage at the venue space can add up.

small bathroom design ideas


3. Make The Most Of Each Section

Usually, because there’s a channel sink, part beneath often ignored. However, in the bathroom, it can not be done. Because every important part, ignore these areas will obviously be detrimental. Therefore, design a shelf, table, or place a basket underneath so that storage can be increased.

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4. Note the used Cabinet

The narrow cabinet could be storage ideas for small bathrooms. In addition to a sleek size, there are many drawers that can be utilized. So, the bathroom space can be saved.

diy bathroom storage


5. The Top Of The Toilet Seat

Whenever possible, place the basket or items at the top of the toilet. Place the objects you needed to facilitate the activity while in the bathroom. The walls can also be designed with shelves so that each section can add to the amount of storage in the bathroom.

creative bathroom storage ideas


6. Vertical Side Walls

Not only in the living room or bedroom, the vertical side walls can also be utilized in the bathroom. Make shelves as to your taste, whether it’s two or three levels and place it in an easily accessible area.


And that’s it, storage ideas for small bathrooms!


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