Tips To Choose Different Gray Color For Interior Design

Like black, gray color is also one of the exciting dark colors for use in an interior. Shades of gray can be used in space as the primary colors or just simply a complementary color.


However, no matter what color you use, it can bring a different impression, whether it’s elegant or fancy. Gray itself has many gradations of colors to choose from.


Then, how to make gray color used in accordance with the space that can make the interior look more interesting? This tip uses shades of gray on the interior of the House.


Consider other colors that are already being used in space

To make space look attractive, the color must be used appropriately. Therefore, before you paint a wall or bring other elements in the room with gray color, notice other colors that have been present in the space.


Because gray tends to dark, combine the color with light colors. Gray also fit to combined with accent colors of brass. In doing so, shades of gray can be highlighted and presented a beautiful display as well as balanced in space.


Do An Experiment

One way to find out the gray color in accordance with the interior is by trying to present the colors in the room.


This gray color doesn’t need to be applied directly on the wall or the desired area, simply present examples of gradations of gray color on paper or Board and then take it into the space.

gray color interior design

With a try, you can find out whether or not gray color in space as well as the influence of the color against the lighting.

For the impression of shade, you can use brighter gray tones. While for a bold, use the darker gray.

Use more than one Tone gray color

Whether it’s in accessories or furniture, gray with some tone can make a room far from the impression of the flat. Especially when a gray tint comes through a different object types. It can enrich the texture and tone in the room.


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