Tips To Decor Children’s Bedroom With Feng Shui

Children’s bedrooms need to be laid out as best as possible. Because this space does not only serve as a place of rest but also as a place to play and learn so that rooms should feel comfortable to support children’s activities while in it.

There are many ways that you can do to organize your child’s bedroom, one of them is to apply the science of Feng Shui. What sort of application? This is the tips.


Position of The Bed

According to Feng Shui experts and the holistic interior architect, Anjie Cho, child’s bed should not be put directly face the door. For him, the most ideal bed position is situated in the middle of the room or the diagonal position of the door. Because this position allows the child to see clearly who walked into his room, and at the same time able to cope with the problem of sleeping.


Choose Posters Or Wall Hangings

Teenagers love to adorn his bedroom walls with posters illustrated with his idols. But it turns out that posting family photos or photos contain wonderful moments together better than displaying the posters. It is said to be able to support the development of the brain and emotions of children.


Color Selection

As with any other spaces, bedroom also requires a balance between Yin and Yang. This means that the room is neither too dark nor too bright. Customize the theme colors with the personality of the child.


On the walls, we recommend that you avoid flashy colors like neon yellow, green highlighter or patterned wallpaper which is too crowded. Because an excessive stimulation could affect the development of the brain, so that the child feels uncomfortable and restless while resting or study.


Choose soft colors such as light blue, yellow, ivory or pink pastel. Choice of colors automatically creating a vision of tranquillity and comfort in the room.


Bedroom Decor

Involve children when determining the themes or decorating his bedroom. Let him choose the colors, motifs to the theme of the room in accordance with the character or his taste.


But you need to pay special attention to children who have problems with sleep. We recommend that you avoid the motif which is too crowded or ornate objects that move fast because it will make it harder to sleep.


Get Mirror

The child’s confidence grow by placing a mirror in her bedroom. Adjust mirror height with the child so that he could see the reflection of his body thoroughly. Mirrors also come in handy to make the space look much more airy.


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