Tips To Decorate Bohemian Style Interior Design

When we’re talking about Bohemian, it’s not only a masterpiece music by Queen and fashion style, but also interior design. Identical with gypsies, Bohemian design style is easily recognized by its unique mixture of ethnics style, hippies, and vintage.


It’s an extraordinary style that match the unique personalities, also you who take comfort as priority, and not stick with monotonous yet conventional things.


Bohemian style decorations reflect the free spirits and really give a definition of artistic impression. It can be looked as messy or untidy, but this interior style also offers warm and relaxing atmosphere.

bohemian style bedroom

If you want to impress your friends or family with something unique and artistic that reflects your free spirit, then this Bohemian interior style is perfect for you. Don’t be afraid to express yourself with this interior style, because for Bohemian style the louder the better. So here are some tips for you:


  • Tie dye and Suzani

Tie dye motives are popular lately. It has bright colors with abstract motives, so it can be a decoration point for your Bohemian room. You can apply the motives on bed sheet, sofa pillow, curtain, carpet, and tablecloth.


You can also use suzani motives. Suzani is a decorative textile from Central Asian countries. The most popular suzani style motives such as sun and moon, flowers, leaves, vines, fruits, fish, and birds.


  • Dangle fabrics

Bohemian style interior loves uniqueness to the top. Dangling fabrics become one of the ways you can apply to get this style in your room.


You don’t have to buy the new ones and dangle them in some spots of your home. Just simply pick your own long fabrics or blanket. Put it dangling from your bed. You can also place them on your wall in the living room or family room.

bohemian family room


  • Beaded curtain

This style of curtain maybe on of the most Bohemian things we’ve ever seen. Choose materials like pearl threads, sequins, crystals, glasses, etc as curtain that divides one room from another.


It’s artistically unique because this beade curtain doesn’t really cover your room. Besides, it produces unique sounds when you parted the beaded curtain, makes a unique sensation in your home


  • Pattern hit

Who says that pattern hit is a crime? It can’t be a mistake when it comes to Bohemian interior style. Apllying more than just one pattern is a signature of Bohemian style. but of course, rules are needed.


You have to keep it not excessive, unless it will be a big no. For example, if you put some big floral motives on your carpet, try your best not to make your wall has big motives too.


  • Plants inside the house

The extraordinary Bohemian interior style is also nature friendly. With a touch of nature in your home, you can even make your entire room more Bohemian. Don’t be afraid to put some plants inside your home.


If you want to place more and many plants inside while your home is not too big, you can make vertical garden in your home interior.


Don’t doubt to be more expressive in Bohemian interior style, because the bolder it is, the stronger impression you get. But of course, keep everything in balance to make this unique and artistic style fulfills its spirit to the top. And have a wonderful life!


My name is Rianty, I am a home design lover, especially interior design. I have a little background in home designing too. In this blog, I will share anything related to home designing. Thanks for stoppin by, and stay tune !

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